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Acquire More Gmail Security With The Two Step Authentication Process

Let us be hones to ourselves, the username password combination is tried and true Gmail account protection methodology, but with the emergence of more and more invasive hacking technologies, they have indeed become moot. To that end, there is a need of something more dynamic, or more appropriately, something more “in the moment”. Therefore, Gmail has put forward another question, this question being “what do you have?” The result of this question was the implementation of two step authentication process

Gmail Support New Zealand Is Here To Present With The Steps To Implement The 2 Factor Authentication Process

Constant hacks have made it almost paramount to include an extra layer of security for your Gmail Account. To that end, the two factor authentication process is well cooked option. In all fairness, this process does nothing more than giving you the option to include the extra device which would also play a role in the login process. It might sound a bit cumbersome, but no cost is too high when account security is on the line. So without further to do, follow the following steps to provide your email ID with one extra layer of security:

  • First, login to your account by adding in the correct credentials
  • Once inside your inbox, you would have to alter the settings. To do this, click on your profile picture and then on the drop down menu, click on “My account’, then select “Sign in and security”
  • There are several security measures present, click on the “2-step verifications” tab right below the “password and sign-in method” section.
  • Because it is indeed an extra security layer, you would need to enter your original login credentials again”
  • Select “Get started”; you would initiate the authentication process. In Gmail.
  • Here you would have to enter your registered phone number. It is a necessary process as the two layer authorization process depends upon the one time password.
  • Once you have setup your phone number, click on submit and you would receive a text message from Gmail.
  • This message would entail an OTP, a one-time password which is actually a digital signature to access your account.
  • Enter this OTP in the space given in the settings.
  • Select the “turn on” option. You have now enabled the process

After you are done with these steps, Gmail would ask you to enter them every time you login to your account. For more information, contact us on our Gmail Support Number 099508700. We would not only guide through this entire process, but would also assist you in any issue that you might have.

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