How To Get The Access Back To Your Gmail Account?

Hacking has been more rampant now than it has ever been. To that end, it has become kind of mandatory to make sure your Email account goes through all the necessary security checkpoints. Failing that you would find that your entire account has been compromised. When you encounter such situations, it is better to look for a way to recover your Gmail account. To that end, we are here to help you.

Get Access To Your Gmail Account By Dialing Gmail Support Number

Before we begin with the steps, you must know what password is not the only thing that gets compromised; your account name bears the issue. While Gmail does not allow you to change it, it is indeed possible to recover them both. So before further digressions, we begin with the account recovery process. You would have to recover your Id and password one by one:

Follow The Below Steps To Recover Your Gmail Account

  • Recovering Your Email ID: To recover the username, you must go to the Gmail login screen. While on that display, select “I cannot remember my username”. Selecting this would direct you to a page where you would have to enter your alternate email address, once entered; Gmail would send you a confirmation link and email to get back the access to your account.
  • Recovering Password: If your password is the entity compromised, and then you would have to reset it by, going to the Gmail login screen clicking on forgot my password and resetting it either through the registered phone number or through an alternate email address. Password Recovery is the fundamental and the most important step on the road to account recovery. Until and unless you have applied for the two step verification process, you would have to adhere to the standard password/username combo for authentication. Therefore, restoring your password is of utmost importance.
  • By Registered Phone Number: If choose the phone route, you would receive an OTP. You would have to enter this OTP to confirm your identity and Reset Your Password.
  • Using Alternate Email ID: If you go the second route, you would have to enter your alternate email ID, and then Gmail will send you a link. You would have to go to your alternate inbox, click the link and follow the generic instructions to change your password. While altering your password, it is advised to go with a pass code that contains a phrase entailing alphanumeric strings as well as special characters

From a security standpoint, account recovery is extremely important. To that end, make sure you remember the above steps to heart. There is a veritable jungle of hackers out there and if by an off-chance your account is compromised, these steps are your only chance of recovery. Contact us on our Gmail Technical Support Number and we would assist you the several troubleshooting related issues to the email application.

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